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Our main focus at Lake Area Ministries is "putting compassion into action." The primary way we try to accomplish this is to provide food to families in need. LAM however is often able to do so much more for the people in our community. When extra resources are available we've been able to help with medications, counseling, buying school supplies for needy children, and in instances when no other agency funds were available we have been able to help pay some rent and/or utility bills in emergency situations.


LAM is grateful for the wonderful support it receives from the churches and service organizations in the community. Our primary funding comes from people like you, many of our local churches, and other private donations. Currently, nineteen of our local churches are active in giving financially and providing volunteers. Additionally, we receive some assistance with food through the USDA. All other operating costs are met through the generosity of private individuals, local and civic organizations.


The need is great...and growing. Each year we serve more and more families. In 2023 we served over 6,138 family units, averaging 511 families a month. We are grateful for the generosity of those who invest in this ministry allowing it to grow to meet the increasing demand.

There is an Board of Directors made up of pastors and other community leaders that give oversight and accountably. Everything is handled with the utmost integrity.

Know that Lake Area Ministries is staffed by volunteers and we are a 501(c) 3 corporation. All donations are tax deductible. Each of our volunteers come from the 19 churches that currently help support us. Come join in and be a part of "putting compassion into action."

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